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 Negombo is popular with tourists because:
1. Famous sandy Negombo Beach is one of the best beaches on the west coast of Sri Lanka. There are long stretches of quiet beach mingled with pockets of busy fishermen and their outrigger canoes. Tourists enjoy Water-sports diving and viewing well-preserved coral reefs and a 50-year-old shipwreck that can be seen in the distance in Kudapaduwe area that serves as an artificial reef for many varieties of fish Mora Wala and Beach Park are full of locals and worth a visit.
2. Canal network throughout the city of about 100 kms where outrigger canoes and modern boats ply the water for tourism and trade.
3. Dutch Fort built in 1672
4. Centuries old Portuguese and Dutch houses and administrative buildings
5. St Mary's Cathedral Frescoes on ceiling
6. Lellama Fish Market which is Sri Lanka's largest fish market where tourists can meet local fishermen, buy fish and even organise fishing trips into the lagoon and ocean beyond.
7. Muthurajawela Marshland, which is part of a 6,000-hectare (14,826-acre) reserve. The protected mangroves of the lagoon are home to over 190 species of wildlife.
8. Lewis Place main tourist strip of hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes, jewelry boutiques, batik shops and handicrafts outlets
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     Why Negombo?

Negombo is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Sri Lanka. You are in Negombo in about 15 minutes drive from Colombo International Airport. It takes an hour by road to Colombo City from the Airport. All other tourist destinations in Sri Lanka can easily be reached from Negombo making it the ideal place to spend a couple of days or more on arrival and prior to departure.​

Dutch Canal (10 minute walk 600 meters from Negombo BnB)
Dutch Fort (30 minutes walk 1.5 kms from Negombo bnB)
Fish Market (30 minutes walk from Negombo BnB)
Negombo Beach 3  minute walk 250 meters from Negombo BnB
Your Mansion By The Sea to enjoy Negombo Beach and sights while pampered by  true Sri Lankan hospitality from host family in their home.